Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 music notes you can tune 50 cents higher to change your life

Have you ever tuned an instrument by yourself? After 20 years of my musical life, I have concluded that tuning an instrument is like tuning oneself. If you have a wish to change your (musical) life or yourself, try to tune these 5 music notes 50cents higher.  (If you don't have a tunable instrument, just sing these notes 50 cents higher.)

    H. Wakabayashi

1. C♯(D♭)
When you think you have caught a cold, tune C♯ 50 cents higher instead of taking cold medicines. C♯ is a very important note to start a day smoothly. Tuning it higher can make you feel a little audacious and your body can blow your cold away.

2. D♯(E♭)
Too depressed to go to work? Probably that's not only because of the lack of dopamine. Eat some durian and tune D♯ 50 cents higher and your feeling might get 50 cents higher almost reaching the first major third note E, where you can feel relaxed.
Don't worry, be sharpened.

3. F♯(G♭)
You will be fascinated by tuning F♯ 50 cents higher.  Just feel how this 50 cents sharpened F♯ sounds with the next note G (perfect 5th) at same time, like ethereal mirages overlapping.

4. G♯(A♭)
Go tune G♯ 50 cents higher if you see a ghost in your house. It will be consorted by your sharpened note and give you great inspirations in return.

5. A♯(B♭)
Last, but of course not least. Tuning A♯ approximate 50 cents higher will rush your Adrenaline. Your brain will certainly notice what's happened to between you and your instrument and do appropriate supports! "Ask and it shall be given to you".

So what's gonna happen when all these 5 notes (36 keys in the regular piano) are tuned 50 cents higher?!
Now you are holding an "Iceface tuned instrument" that will ultimately change your music, and eventually you yourself.
Here are some examples on youtube I've made with digital instruments to show how what I call Iceface Tuned Piano sounds with these 50 cents sharpened notes. Check this newly tuned music inspired a woman who I saw in a dream!

Iceface Tuned Piano by H. Wakabayashi

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